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PreWeS-24 från METEK

The system is a spin-off development of the well known and proven METEK Micro Rain Radar with enhanced computing power and a new algorithm for realtime present weather monitoring.

The PreWeS-24 recognise the type of precipitation by analysing range resolved Doppler spectra of backscattered millimeter waves.

Use the PreWeS-24 as a stand-alone device or for the integration in automatic weather stations. Automatic and reliable classification of precipitation type and phase is the result of the outstanding performance of this system.

Take advantage of the strong points...

  • No cross sensitivity to fog
  • Detection of liquid, solid and mixed phases
  • High time resolution
  • Easy integration in automatic weather stations (RS232, Ethernet)
  • Remote download of operation parameters and updates

Data output selectable text orientated or WMO weather codes. Realtime display of current weather conditions on request available. PreWeS-24 provides type of precipitation near ground and in a vertical profile up to 3 km above the device.

Optional available program features enable the PreWeS-24 also to full capabilities of the METEK Micro Rain Radar.